Watch TV the way you want to

Find the right streaming TV service and watch your favorite shows with a high-quality fiber connection from ReadiTech.

Overwhelmed With All the Streaming Options?

Switching from traditional TV doesn’t mean you have to give up your favorite channels. There are many options when it comes to streaming TV. This is why ReadiTech Fiber has partnered with MyBundle.TV!

MyBundle.TV provides a simple solution to help you find the right streaming option for you by simply answering a few brief questions.

Simple Streaming in 3 Steps

1. Connect with ReadiTech Fiber

Sign up today and get connected to our fiber-fast network.

2. Get a Streaming Device

You might have a streaming device and not even know it! Many Smart TVs are streaming devices that can play almost all streaming services. If you don’t have a Smart TV, you need a Roku, Firestick, or another streaming device.
You can watch all streaming services on your computer as well.

3. Explore MyBundle.TV

To find out which streaming service is best for you, answer a few brief questions with MyBundle.TV! This will show you which streaming services have all of your favorite shows, channels, and sports! Click the button below to start.