A Day in the Life of a ReadiTech Expert | David

The statement “A Day in the Life” can be used to describe a routine or typical happenings of any person or profession. We are starting a new series of articles which focus on the daily happenings of our ReadiTech employees.

David Malsam, senior network analyst for ReadiTech Managed Services is going to walk through his “A Day in the Life.”

“The best part about my job is that I am never bored and am always doing different things for different people. I also get the chance to collaborate with great people and customers.”

David Malsam, ReadiTech Senior Network Analyst

For David, who works out of ReadiTech’s Aberdeen office, every day starts the same. He usually gets in the office around 8:00, and usually logs in right away to check the status of computer back-ups for clients, and to make sure that everything is backing up correctly. Also, at this time he usually will check the service board on our ticketing software for new RMM alerts. RMM alerts stands for remote monitoring and management and is software installed on computers and devices that watches and provides warnings of potential problems. If RMM provides alerts of problems or potential problems, David, and Michael Wegehaupt (another network analyst in the Aberdeen office) will call clients to communicate with them what the problem or potential problem may be, and what the next step would be in finding a solution to the problem.

From there, it is usually about mid-morning by now, so David and Michael move on to reviewing open tickets on the service board and are communicating with each other on what projects or customers they are dealing with for that day. At this time, they are also communicating with each other on what one another needs help with and if they will be out of the office on any project installations or service calls later in the afternoon.

Customer and client communication, working on projects as needed or simply updating clients on the status of current projects continues throughout the day. They are also working on service calls and dealing with projects from walk-in customers. Also in the afternoon, David and Michael will go on site to certain businesses for service calls if required for the specific project. If being on-site is not required, David and Michael call customers to communicate with them, resolve issues to problems or discuss solutions to these problems as well.

Sometimes Network Analysts are referred to as “heroes” by their clients because daily they are troubleshooting issues. David recalls helping a customer during a power outage. “There was a customer who had several systems that had shut down. I went on site and found a way to get all the machines and systems back on and working properly.” This customer thought David was a “superhero” in the sense that it prevented them from having to shut down their business or part of their business for the rest of that day.

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