The story of Neu Way Farms begins as many family farms’ stories do: with one man, a dream, and a 500-acre plot of land.

Jacob Weber purchased the Ashley, North Dakota farm in 1895. In the century since, it has passed through the hands of five generations, survived dustbowls and floods, and increased its physical footprint by over 1,000%.

Today, Neu Way Farms operates roughly 8,000 acres of spring wheat, soybeans, and corn and is recognized as a leader in crop production. And despite its growth over the years, Neu Way Farms has remained in the family. Jacob’s great-great-grandsons Anthony and Daniel Neu manage the farm along with their wives, Lisa and Jennifer.

“It’s always been a family farm,” Anthony said. “We’ve been successful at continuing that for over 100 years.”

The family that manages the farm may be the same as it was 100 years ago, but the way it operates is nearly unrecognizable from Jacob Weber’s days of steam threshers and horse-drawn combines. As Neu Way Farms has grown and expanded into new markets, it has become increasingly important for their operations to run as efficiently as possible.

That’s where ReadiTech comes in.

ReadiTech provides technology solutions—data backup and cloud services, computer hardware and software, network infrastructure, telephone systems, and security—to help businesses operate at peak efficiency. Which, as Sales Account Executive Brandon Huber knows, is especially crucial for farmers.

“I was a farm kid. I know from experience that any equipment or solutions we provide farmers just needs to work,” Brandon said. “Farmers have such a narrow window to get their work done with weather and other restraints, so they need equipment that is dependable.”

Neu Way Farms has been a ReadiTech customer since 2016. One of the ways that ReadiTech has helped streamline their operations is by setting up a managed wireless network that will reach them wherever they need to be.

As general manager of Neu Way Farms, Anthony’s time is split between operational and administrative work. Depending on the season, he needs to be spraying fields and performing equipment maintenance, but he also needs to be checking emails and analyzing market data.

“Phones and tablets often lose reception working in and around metal farm buildings,” Brandon said. “Having internet connectivity that actually works when and where you need it means that your device will be able to recall the information that you need faster, and you’re not sitting and waiting for service.”

Without that wireless connectivity, Anthony would have to drop what he was doing and go inside the office just to check his email. And because a farm’s success is directly linked to crop production, that lost time can mean lost profit.

“The speed is a vast improvement. It allows us to be more efficient, it’s dependable, and we have very few issues with not having service,” Anthony said. “Without it, well, things would just happen at a much slower pace.”

In addition to the wireless network itself, ReadiTech also provides Neu Way Farms with the resources necessary to use that connection effectively and safely. In the past, the farm’s data was only stored on a computer in Anthony’s office, making it extremely vulnerable. If a cyber-attack or system outage were to occur, that vital data—production worksheets, employee information, and financial records—would be lost.

“ReadiTech helped us realize that we needed our data backed up for security reasons. That was just something that didn’t get thought about before,” Anthony said. “It became apparent that that was not a good idea, and we needed to have a back-up plan just in case of an emergency.”

ReadiTech helped Neu Way Farms backup all of their data on a server, equipped with multiple layers of cybersecurity protection. Now, even if an emergency does strike, Anthony and his family can sleep soundly knowing that all of their data is safe.

“It takes the burden off of us,” Anthony said. “We specialize in operating a farm, not taking care of data. They have the people and the resources to get things done properly.”

But more important than any tool or solution ReadiTech can provide is the quality of care that comes with being a local company. ReadiTech is headquartered out of Ellendale, North Dakota, just 40 minutes from Neu Way Farms, with offices throughout the state and in South Dakota. This proximity allows ReadiTech to show farmers a level of personalized care that they do not often receive from larger national companies.

“Being part of a small community, there’s really nothing more important to us than the customers,” Brandon said. “These are the same people that I run into at the grocery store or a football game. To me, it’s very important to provide them with the level of service that I would expect”

That local presence also means that if anything does go wrong, a ReadiTech employee can be out at Neu Way Farms within the hour, rather than in a day or a week—and the farm’s operations can be back up and running with minimal downtime.

“When we run into a problem or the connection goes down, it is taken care of very quickly,” Anthony said. “There are times when I don’t even call into ReadiTech, I just send the tech a text message directly because I know them.”

By providing managed network services, technology solutions, and in-person assistance, ReadiTech helps farms across the region work more efficiently and yield greater results. For Anthony, this means that his children, and his children’s children, can continue to grow Neu Way Farms for many decades to come.

“There’s a tremendous legacy that we have,” Anthony said. “I would like to see that legacy continue through future generations.”

To learn how ReadiTech can help streamline your farm or business’s operations, visit https://readitech.com.

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