Mike Elsen begins his day as many of us do: he pours himself a cup of coffee, checks the weather, and takes a look at his phone. But Mike isn’t scrolling through Facebook or Twitter; he is watching live footage from the eight security cameras scattered across his farm, including in the shop and the seed warehouse.

“I like being able to wake up in the morning and see that my buildings are safe,” Mike said. “There is a lot of water held in both of those locations so if we have a leak, that’s thousands of dollars worth of inventory that could be damaged or destroyed.”

Mike is a fourth-generation farmer and owner of Elsen Homestead Farms in Hecla, South Dakota, a 6,000-acre operation specializing in corn and beans. His family has farmed the land for 125 years since his great-grandparents immigrated from Germany.

Mike’s farming career began at the young age of 14, with 30 heifers from his parents and a quarter section of land rented from a neighbor. But he dreamed of taking over the family farm long before he ever planted his first crop.

“When I was a kid, all I knew was farming,” Mike said. “I always wanted to ride in the combine. I wore the plow bottoms off my toys, and the knees in my jeans always had holes in them. It was my dream to farm.”

Elsen Homestead is Mike’s pride and joy, and he works day in and day out to ensure that his equipment is running smoothly, his crops are healthy, and his property is protected. Mike already has enough on his plate; that’s why he and many other farmers trust ReadiTech to take away the added stress of IT—so they can focus on what matters most.

“The Elsen’s settled here back in 1888. That’s why we call it the Homestead,” Mike said. “It’s really important to us to keep the farm and the family name going. And these days, farms revolve on technology.”

Surveillance systems are just one of the services that ReadiTech provides farmers like Mike to help keep their farms operating as efficiently as possible. According to ReadiTech Sales Manager Travis Anliker, the key to a 21st-century farm’s success is a high-speed, dependable internet connection.

“The internet puts the world at farmers’ fingertips,” Travis said. “They can use their smart device to watch and control the whole farm at one time. It’s made farming much more efficient.”

The internet has transformed the way today’s farms operate. With a wireless connection that reaches across the farmyard, a farmer can sell a bushel of corn, turn their grain dryer on or off, or even watch a cow calving without ever leaving the tractor cab. But when farmers depend on the internet to operate their equipment and complete transactions, every minute spent without a connection due to maintenance can mean lost profits.

ReadiTech’s technicians are experts in network cabling and will work with you to minimize downtime, whether you need assistance setting up a brand new network or reorganizing your current one. Once an internet connection is up and running, ReadiTech will make sure that your information is safe and secure. For Elsen Homestead, that meant setting up a managed online data backup system to protect all of the farm’s important documents.

“We have four different landowners that we sharecrop with, so record keeping is very important to us,” Mike said. “To keep those records safe we scan in all of our receipts, all of that documentation, and ReadiTech backs it up for us. That extra layer of security is really important. If anything goes wrong, we won’t lose all of our documentation.”

And if anything ever does go wrong, Mike can rest easily knowing that ReadiTech will be there to fix it. When you pick up the phone to report an issue to ReadiTech, you won’t be put through to someone on the other side of the country (or worse, a machine). You will speak to a real person who lives and works in your community.

If maintenance is required, a ReadiTech technician will meet you at your farm in as little as an hour. For farmers like Mike, this local presence means less time spent waiting for a technician to arrive, and more time in the field.

“The local response time is great. If I have a question, they are here right away,” Mike said. “If it’s not the same day, that’s really unusual. And that is really important. I have been with vendors before and I would have to wait days or weeks to have something fixed.”

At ReadiTech, we believe that farmers like Mike Elsen are truly the backbone of our communities. We depend on you to feed our families and fuel our economies; you can depend on us to make sure that the technology you need is running properly.

“We’re not really salesmen. We are providing solutions,” Travis said. “We’re in a partnership with our customers. If they succeed, we are going to succeed.”

That’s why we are here to support all of your farm’s IT needs, from setting you up with a high-speed, secure internet connection to keeping your inventory safe with a custom surveillance system. You can take care of the farm—we’ll take care of the tech.

“People that know me know I like to do things for myself, so it’s a little tough for me to pass the baton,” Mike said. “But one thing I have noticed with ReadiTech is that I can trust these people. You know they are going to take care of you in the end.”

Try ReadiTech’s secure and time-saving managed IT services now when you click here.

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